Epworth Old Rectory is closed for the season from Saturday 28th October 2023. We will be open for our Christmas Craft Fayre on Saturday 18th November 10:00am – 3:30pm.

The Old Rectory will open again for visits from April 2024. Please contact vcm@epwortholdrectory.org.uk for more information.

This impressive Grade 1 listed house was the childhood home of John and Charles Wesley. Built in 1709, Epworth Old Rectory will transport you back in time to the formative years of these pioneering evangelists. Join us for a tour of the house, where you can learn about the different characters who made up the Wesley family. Meet “The Mother of Methodism” and the Wesley children – all ten of them!


Charles Wesley Childhood and Education Charles Wesley was born on 18 December 1707 in Epworth. He was two months premature. His mother, Susanna, recorded that she wrapped him in wool until he was two months old and that he did not cry until the time at which he should have been born. In His Mother's Classroom Like his elder siblings, Charles's education

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