We are hopeful we will be able to welcome you back to visit this wonderful house with its fabulous history and events in the coming months. Please keep checking in with us for regular updates.

You can still do a virtual tour of the house, visit our You Tube channel and check out our Events to see what we have planned so far for 2021.

Any enquiries, please email: office@epwortholdrectory.org.uk

This impressive Grade 1 listed house was the childhood home of John and Charles Wesley. Built in 1709, Epworth Old Rectory will transport you back in time to the formative years of these pioneering evangelists. Join us for a tour of the house, where you can learn about the different characters who made up the Wesley family. Meet “The Mother of Methodism” and the Wesley children – all ten of them!

Epworth Old Rectory Children's Nursery Samuel Wesley Junior (1690-1739) Samuel, known to the family as Sammy, was the eldest of Samuel and Susanna's children. Born on the 10 February 1690, he was named after this father and maternal grandfather. As a young child he caused his parents considerable worry. By the age of five Sammy had still not spoken his first word....

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