The Locality

Wesley Trail

There is a trail around the town of Epworth, showing the sites which were significant for the Wesley family. These are all identified with posters and a map. The trail takes you to the places below.

The Red Lion coaching inn

where John Wesley stayed on several occasions.

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The Market Cross

where John Wesley preached many times

St. Andrews Church

where Samuel was the Rector, and where you can still visit his grave, see an old oak chair given by Susanna Wesley, and see the font where many of the Wesley children were baptised. You can also see the Wesley chalice if you contact the church in advance. The church is not always open, so please telephone the tourism officer 01427 872080 to arrange your visit.

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Wesley Memorial Methodist Church

built in 1882 to replace a previous Wesleyan church which the congregation had outgrown. This church was built as a lasting memorial to John and Charles Wesley. Here you can see the famous stained glass window and the communion table which once stood in St. Andrew's church, and from which Samuel Wesley celebrated communion.

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The Wesley Statue

there were many attempts to erect a statue of John Wesley in Epworth, including one planned for the centenary of his death in 1891. However that was never built. A statue was finally installed as part of the tercentenary celebrations of John Wesley's birth in 2003. It was created by Sue Reeves, a local artist and shows John Wesley preaching from an ordinary street in the town, while overlooking the Rectory croft.

Kilham Memorial Church

This was a chapel of the Methodist New Connexion, a movement founded by Alexander Kilham, a contemporary of John Wesley, who was also born in Epworth. It was opened in 1860 after the congregation had outgrown their previous chapel. Worship continued there until 1949, when the congregation joined Wesley Memorial Methodist church, and the Kilham chapel became a youth centre.

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